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1.5ton 2ton electric stacker , ride on electric forklift , standing on electric forklift truck  battery forklift

MOQ: 1pcs

FOB Price: $3980-$5600/pcs

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Products description

The heavy counter balance full electric stacker has two model to choose, CPD-S15 and CPD-S20. The lifting height has large scale to  choose,  from 1600mm to 5000mm, this kind of  electric stacker can apply to all pallets.

Products advantage

1. Imported handle assembly,stable and flexible operation;

2. Imported door frame channel steel, safely , sturdy and durable;

3. The standard configuration of fork is forge fork, very strong;

4. The fork can enter the bottom of cargo with a small ground clearance ,it is convenient to enter any yard to lift the cargo;

5. compact structure ,high performance ,regenerative braking and easy maintenance;

6. the large capacity battery pack ensures long-lasting power and convenient charging.the  battery is pulled out from theside,which is beneficial to exchange and maintenance of the battery;

Product parameter

Model Unit CPD-S15 CPD-S20
Drive mode   Electric Electric
Driving style   Standing Standing
Rated load kg 1500 2000
Load center distance mm 500 500
Track mm 1680 1680

(with battery)

  1500-1700 1750-1880
wheel   Polyurethane wheel Polyurethane wheel
Wheel size, front wheel mm φ250X80 φ250X80
Wheel size, rear wheel mm φ200X80 φ200X80
Number of wheels (x: driving wheels)   lx/2 lx/2
Rear wheel track mm 780 780
Lifting height mm 1600/2000/2500/3000/3500/4500/5000 1600/2000/2500/3000/3500
Height when the gantry is lowered mm 2090/1590/1840/2090/2340/2090/2257 2090/1590/1840/2090/2340
Maximum height ofthe vehicle during operation mm 2090/2590/3090/3590/4090/5090/5590 2090/2590/3090/3590/4090
Reduced height mm 35 35
Overall length mm 3100 3100
Body width mm 1000 1000
Fork size mm 120/35/1070 120/35/1070
Outer fork width mm 200〜660 200-660
Minimum ground clearance mm 50-110 50-110
Channel width (1000x1200mm tray) mm 3300 3300
Channel width (800x1200mm tray) mm 3280 3280
Turning radius mm 1600 1600
Driving speed, full load / no load Km/h 4.5/5.2 4.5/5.2
Increase speed, full load / no load m/s 0.085/0.11 0.085/0.11
Falling speed, full load / no load m/s 0.12/0.08 (Adjustable) 0.12/0.08 (Adjustable)
Service brake   Regenerative braking Regenerative braking
Drive motor power kW 1.5(AC) 1.5(AC)
Increase motor power kW 2.2 2.2
Battery 24V AH 210 210
Steering mode   Mechanical steering Mechanical steering
Noise level according to DIN 12053 dB(A) <70 <70

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